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Blog Relaunch and Clearance Sale

Blog Relaunch and Clearance Sale

It's time to relaunch this blog with future posts on coming events, racing news, product updates and the usual post event photo galleries. Inventory Clearance Sale - now until end of November Every couple days we will post a number of items in a specific category....

Photos: Safety Demonstration

Photos: Safety Demonstration

We are lucky to have a dedicated safety crew at the road racing venues in Alberta.  CMRT (Canadian Motorsport Response Team) are well trained and equipped. On September 25, they did a rescue demonstration at Castrol Raceway. Gallery of photos...

Random Quote

“For sure I have improved as a driver this season,” said Raikkonen. “Rallying is a lot harder than F1, certainly for me. If you can drive on some of the roads we did this year, you can drive anywhere.”

— Kimi Raikkonen


Ten Reasons to Shop Local at RALLYSPORT.CA

  1. No extra shipping, customs, brokerage and credit card charges. We’ve all got UPS stories! Credit cards charge up to 5% extra fees plus exchange for out of country use.  Duty can vary from 5% to 18%, Brokerage can be higher than the cost of the items.
  2. We have stock available to try for sizing and last minute purchases.
  3. Easy returns and exchanges. If the item doesn’t fit or not what is expected, we will exchange it for the correct one.
  4. Wide range of products available. With relationships with dozens of manufacturers, and several warehouse distributors that provides access to thousands more products.
  5. Special orders usually take days or weeks not months.
  6. Price Competitive! If you find a product or get a quote, let us know and we will either beat it, match it or tell you to take it – we like good deals too!  Often there are alternatives that meet the specification.
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  8. We support Canadian motorsports events through spectator guide and rule book ads, volunteering and providing services like signage, photos, websites etc.
  9. Although we don’t typically sponsor teams (choosing to support the events for everyone’s benefit), we do provide free name decals and web/social media ready event photos for no charge and hi-res for reasonable cost.
  10. Motorsport experience – 40+ year’s motorsport involvement and 10+ years in business (licenced, registered, gst, insurance etc), we can advise and help with most any questions, or have the contacts that can provide answers and information.