Products:  Rally and Racing Decals

Products: Rally and Racing Decals

2015-03-12 15.03.02 2015-03-12 14.59.22After being asked about a million times for the required rally car decals, in addition to the name decals, we have finally had a bunch produced.  Included are the Fire Extinguisher, First Aid, Tow Hook (2) and Electrical Cutoff decals. All are 3″ across.

We can also do country flags, vinyl cut names, minimum weight, and related decals.

name-decals-1They are available for:

  • $4.00 ea or 3 for $9.50
  • Flags are $3.00 ea.
  • Set of Names and Flags $19.00 (ask how you can get them for FREE)
Karting Equipment

Karting Equipment

karting-1-1-300With the Calgary Kart Racing Club just finishing up their new track in Strathmore, we have just updated the Karting section of the website.  New products from Sparco, Alpinestars and Bell. (More to come). Whether you need gear for juniors or adults, there is something to choose from.

Most everything  is CIK-FIA 2013-1 approved. 


Sparco karting suits, gloves, shoes and rib protectors


Alpinestars karting suits, gloves and shoes


BELL Karting and Racing helmets


Helmets SA2015 – Not yet

Helmets SA2015 – Not yet

Snell Approved HelmetsThe next Snell Helmet Certification cycle will be designated Snell SA2015. We get asked often about the availability, but in actuality, the Snell SA2015 Helmets will not be available until October 1st, 2015 when the new standard takes effect. 

The major change when compared to the SA 2010 models, is all SA2015 Helmets will have the threaded backing plate for Head and Neck Restraints installed during the actual helmet construction. This change will making simpler for racers to attach their HANS hardware to the helmet, no longer will they need to drill holes and remove interior padding.

Bell Helmets SA2010

Bell Helmets SA2010

Unless you are racing professionally, in the top levels of the sport, the current SA2010 Helmet will easily be permitted by most sanctioning bodies or race tracks, at least into the year 2020.

Here is the Snell Foundation statement and the full specification.

We have and will continue to bring in the SA2010 helmets this year.  See the full line here.

2015 Photo Calendars

2015 Photo Calendars

I now have a series of Calendars for 2015 available on  Check them out!

After attending and photographing about 20 different events in a various motorsport disciplines, I picked a few of my favorites and made 3 different calendars. They are available for purchase on the Lulu website or there will be a limited number in Calgary shortly.


Alberta Motorsports Calendar


Western Rally Calendar


Alberta Road Racing Calendar


Clearance Sale Page

Clearance Sale Page

Clearance SaleWe’ve accumulated a bunch of extra ‘stuff’ so in an effort to make space and get the inventory moving, we have started a Clearance page on the website. Most items are one-off, etc, all new, and at discounted prices in most cases.  We’ll also be posting them on Kijiji etc.

First few items include seats, helmets, wheels and suits. Plans is to update it daily for the next while and then as needed when we identify slow moving stock.

McKlein 2015 Calendars

McKlein 2015 Calendars

We are currently taking pre-orders for the 2015 Mcklein Wider View WRC, Motorsport Classic and Desktop Rally calendars.  Actually more ‘Art’ than calendars – very cool!


McKlein Rally 2015 – The Wider View

This XXL calendar is the official calendar of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship. It contains twenty-five of the most captivating images of the current WRC season showing the enormous variety of the sport through the eyes of the world famous photographers of McKlein who also give an insight into their camera settings as well as the location of the photos.

Format: 95 x 48 cm, spiral binding choice between two images every monthISBN: 978-3-927458-69-7

Available from early November 2014 for $85 cdn



Motorsport Classic 2015

This large format wall calendar captures 25 stunning moments from the rich history of motor sports with wonderful black-and-white images taken from the McKlein archive. Relive the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s of motor racing with pictures from Formula 1 to sports car racing and rallying.

Format: 67 x 48 cm, spiral binding choice between two images every month

ISBN: 978-3-927458-70-3

Available from early November 2014 for $85 cdn