Snell SA2015 Certified helmets will be available for sale on October 1, 2015, when the new standard takes effect. You can read the official notes on the Snell Memorial Foundation website.

Changes include:

  • SA2015 helmets must be ready for the addition of frontal restraint tether hardware such as used in HANS® and other systems.
  • SA2015 includes provisions for “Low Velocity” impact testing.
  • SA2015 includes “Low Lateral” impacts in case of strikes against side window frames and similar structures.

We can start taking orders for Bell, Zamp, Simpson or Stilo helmets anytime now.


sa2010-saleI have a few SA2010 helmets left – let’s clear them out before the 2015’s come available …. Still good for 5+ years. Save some money now before the price increases with the new models.