A sad but fun weekend at Race City Motorsport Park as the final road racing events took place.  A good turnout in all 3 racing groups.

Stephanie Barns, who races a really cool Triumph TR6 in the Vintage classes’ posted a great description of the final race.

On the last lap of the last race ever, we slowed, got into tight formation, and then raising our own checkered flags, we drove the final lap in salute to Race City, to the volunteers and to the track workers who kept us safe for all those years. As we crossed the finish line for the last time, we stopped, got out of our cars and hugged each other as the champagne, and the tears, flowed. So many wonderful and warm memories are tied up here. It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Here is a few photos.  Here is the full set!  (and full size images)

Group Photo

The Last Lap

A Formation Finish - Very Fitting!