It’s election time!  We hope everyone in Calgary gets out to vote.  The note below has been sent out by members of the Motorsport Council of Calgary, a group consisting of most all the users of Race City.  They (me included) have done a lot of research on which candidates are “motorsport friendly”.  While many (most?) of the aldermanic candidates appear to be in favour of keeping the track available we need to get out and support those who support us!

Ric McIver for Mayor of Calgary

As many of may know, Ric McIver has been a big supporter of motorsport all along and was instrumental in the extension of the lease for Race City and is going work at either getting Race City a new long term lease or a new home.

I ask that you support Ric as he supports us.

Having a race facility in Calgary is very important for all of us and for many a economic must have.  Tomorrow, go Vote for the one guy that has stood up for us.


Over the past 3 years, the Calgary motorsport community has been threatened with the loss of Race City Motorsport Park.  Somewhere along the way, city administration lost sight of the fact that Race City is an important venue to maintain for Calgarians, and they made other plans for the city-owned land that Race City occupies.  By the time that these plans were communicated to Race City owner Art Mackenzie, the public, and city council, administration had progressed so far down this path that it seemed Race City was doomed.

The motorsports community has banded together through the Motorsports Council of Calgary to oppose the termination of the Race City lease with the City of Calgary.  We have so far received support from about half of the aldermen, led by alderman and now candidate for mayor, Ric McIvor.
Council did not support a lease extension in Feb 2009, but Ric McIver tried again and on Sept 28 2009 city council directed city administration to work out a deal to extend the lease with Race City to 2015, which resulted in another two year deal (2010 – 2011).

It is important that we continue to support aldermanic candidates and a mayor that support Race City and/or motorsports in the City of Calgary.

This Monday October 18, we collectively have the opportunity to reach another milestone in the battle to maintain a motorsports venue in Calgary.
Our research shows that we have the opportunity to elect a motorsport friendly City Council.  While we held a slim majority in the past, we were missing the most important part, a motorsports friendly mayor.

We urge you, and your family and friends to get out and Vote for Ric McIver for Mayor, and vote for the motorsport friendly Alderman that represents the ward you live in. Visit for further info.

The Aldermanic picks are as follows:
Ward 1: Dale Hodges
Ward 2: Joe Magliocca
Ward 3: Jim Stevenson
Ward 4: Brad Northcott
Ward 5: Ray Jones
Ward 6: Brent Mielke
Ward 7: Kevin Taylor
Ward 8: John Mar
Ward 9: Mike Pal
Ward 10: Andre Chabot
Ward 11: James Maxim
Ward 12: Shane Keating
Ward 13: Diane Colley-Urquhart
Ward 14: Richard Dur

Your vote is important, and the future of motorsports in Calgary depends on it.

Motorsport Council of Calgary