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Longacre Products

Digital Tire Gauge 0-60 PSI with Ball Chuck — 50355

Easy to read & Super accurate!
Now with back lights for 2009!!

Battery indicator on display
Air pressure release button
External gauge bumper
Auto Off feature to save battery, can be adjusted by user
Easy to read to .1 psi
17" hose with ball chuck
Includes silver carrying case
Can be field calibrated if needed


Hot Lap Incar Timing SystemHOT LAP In-Car Timing Systems

Now you can see your lap times - instantly!
Where dash space is limited - display is in smaller enclosure. Includes display, receiver, transmitter, harness, instructions.

An infra-red transmitter mounted at trackside automatically triggers the In-Car Timer with 100% accuracy each and every lap - no 'thumb' errors. Use the Double Range transmitter where access to the edge of the track is limited. Standard transmitter works up to 60 feet.

Drivers see your lap times as they happen
Adjust your driving line to find the fastest time
Easy to install & remove
60 lap memory with easy recall
Transmitter can be mounted inside or outside track
Great for Karts, Formula Cars, etc.


Tire Pressure GaugeStandard Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb - White face — 50400

Air pressure release button
Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life
Ultra flexible 14" hose
2" dial face


Tire Pressure GaugeDeluxe Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb — 50402

2 1/2" Glow-In-The-Dark face for high accuracy and easy readability
Hi Flow release buttons and swivel chucks
Holds pressure until released
Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life
Ultra flexible 17" hose


Tire Pressure GaugeMagnum™ Tire Pressure Gauge 0-60 by 1 lb — 50404

Huge 3 3/4" Glow-in-the-Dark face for high accuracy and easy readability
Hi Flow release button and swivel chuck
Holds pressure until released
Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life
Ultra flexible 17" hose
Comes carrying case


PyrometerEconomy Pyrometer - Fahrenheit — 50635

Accurate, fast response
Straight cord tire probe
1400º range
Less carrying case


PyrometerAccuTech™ Deluxe Digital Pyrometer -50640

Accurate, super-fast response electronics
'Holds' highest temp reached
Compares one temp to another with the push of a button
Low battery indicator and auto shut-off
2000º Range
ºF or ºC switchable
Coil cord tire probe and foam lined carrying case included


Replacement Tire Probe, Coil Cord - Fits all Longacre Pyrometers


PyrometerAccuTech™ Infrared Laser Pyrometer - 500º - 50612

Instant response, non-contact temps
Back lites for nite use
ºF or ºC
Laser sighting for accuracy
Automatic shut off after 7 seconds
Measures from -4ºF to 518ºF or from -20ºC to 270ºC


PyrometerAccuTech™ Infrared Laser Pyrometer - 950º - 50614

Instant response, non-contact temps
Back lites for nite use
ºF or ºC
Laser sighting for accuracy
Padded pouch included


PyrometerStandard Memory Tire Pyrometer - Fahrenheit - 50682

Displays 12 temps at once
10 set memory
Coiled cord probe
Carrying case


PyrometerDeluxe Memory Tire Pyrometer - ºF - 50690

Displays all 12 tire temps at the same time
Memory stores 10 complete sets of temps
Built-in 4 car 75 lap Memory Stopwatch
Memory stores 10 complete sets of temps (120 total) with quick and easy recall. Special software prevents accidental erasure of temps. Take tire temps in the pre-programmed order or select any order you prefer. Computes tire temp averages for temps just taken, recalled from memory, or you can even manually enter temps taken previously to compute averages. Advanced electronics stabilize your readings quickly giving you accurate, consistent results. Pyrometer comes with a built-in night light with auto shutoff, fast response coiled cord tire probe, and carrying case. It also features a built-in four car stopwatch with 75 lap memory for all 4 cars. Is now available with PC download option. PC download feature can print directly to a portable printer.

Electronics stabilize readings for consistent results
Takes temps in any order
Carrying case & probe included
Built-in night light
Temp averaging
4 car stopwatch
Now with Interval Timing and Adjustable Probe

Interval Timing
In addition to our 4 car built-in stopwatch function you can now get overall lap times plus 3 different segments within that lap. Check corner exit times, staightaway times, or individual corner times - any partial lap segment time you want. Learn where you are fast and where your competition is catching you.

Adjustable Probe
Adjust the probe depth to your preference or type of tire.


Toe Plates for AlignmentsToe-In Plates (pair) - 79500

Here’s the quickest and simplest way to measure toe-in. Rest one of these plates against the tire on each side and use a tape.
Now includes 2 Longacre 3/4" x 10' Power Tapes


Caster / Camber GaugeCaster / Camber Gauge w/ Magnetic Adapter - 78260

Comes with foam lined storage case. Magnetic adapter has a 1.55" diameter recess in the face to clear spindle nut.

Measures to +/- 8° caster & +/- 6° camber
Can be used without turnplates
Accurate to 1/4°


Caster Camber GaugeCaster / Camber Gauge w/o Adapter - 78250
Dunlop Style Adapter - 78425
For Aluminum Wheels

Reads camber from +6° to -6° accurate to 1/4°
Caster reads to +/- 8°
All vials are individually checked and calibrated for accuracy
All critical surfaces are CNC machined for accuracy
Dunlop Adapter for Aluminum WheelsComes with carrying case

QuickSet™ Caster/Camber Adapter

This is the fastest way to check your front end alignment. Just hold it against the rim for easy, accurate readings. No spindle adapters required here. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum. Works on virtually any car, any size wheel. 3 point design makes setting caster easier. Folds for easy storage.

(Adapter only - caster/camber gauge and case not included)

Gauge $145
Adapter $140

Rallysport.ca, Race and Rally Equipment | Alberta CanadaRallysport.ca is a Calgary, Alberta Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
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