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Racing Safety Equipment

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Safety equipment is critical and required in all forms of motorsport. Whether you race on the rally stages, oval track, drag strip, road course or off road events we can supply the best safety equipment available.

Head and Neck Restraint

We supply the Hans Device and other Head and Neck Restraints, such as the Simpson Hybrid line, Schroth Devices and the Zamp Z-Tech

A HANS Device or other Head and Neck Restraint is required in most racing series and is being seen more and more in race cars around the world.


Hybrid Devices

The Hybrid Sport is a great head restraint device for those racing on a budget. The Hybrid Sport with its lightweight design and DuPont® carbon/polymer construction provides maximum comfort and maneuverability with superior strength. Hybrids come race ready.

The trusted low profile design disappears into the seat when worn and allows for easy in and out of the race car, eliminating the danger of becoming caught in other gear. The protection stays with the racer during multiple impact, flips and rolls.

Racing HelmetsRacing Helmets

Snell SA2020 (Special Application) approved. The Snell Foundation SA2020 rating has been developed to provide the best safety protection for auto racing drivers who are restrained in their vehicles.

An SA2020 rated helmet may not meet DOT specifications for street use, such as on motorcycles.

Brands available include the popular
Bell, Zamp, HJC, Simpson, Impact, Arai, and Sparco,or Stilo.

Racing harnessesRacing Harnesses

Professional 4 point, 5 point and 6 point racing harnesses from Sparco, Sabelt, and OMP for any type of mounting.

SFI and / or FIA Approved

Racing Seats

Competition Seats are a driving advantage as well as a safety item. Excellent quality seats from Sparco, OMP and others, for street or track use.

Fire Systems

SPA Rire Suppression SystemSpa Technique's Multi-Flo AFFF Fire Systems were designed specifically for closed cockpit cars (for example, touring and rally cars). With the 6 nozzles and large 4 liter bottle, splitting fire protection between the engine compartment and cockpit has never been simpler!

SPA "Lite" AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) is a non-toxic, ozone friendly, fire suppressant that offers the competitor the same level of protection as the pros use. The FIA approved steel bottle is an affordable alternative to the more expensive alloy or carbon-fiber fire systems., Race and Rally Equipment | Alberta is a Calgary, Albert, Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
To order this product call us at (403) 277-6291 or 1-866-277-6291 or use the contact page for email and web contact.
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