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Hotbits Suspension and Coilovers

Hot Bits Suspension Kits Features:Hotbits Suspension and Coilovers

  • Mono-tube gas shock absorber with large diameters allows for lower operating temperatures and pressures. This prevents aeration inside the shock absorbers and give maximum reliability.
    Shim stacks for compression and extension damping rates are separately controlled to give damping rates without limitations or compromise.
  • Unique piston design gives instantaneous control and plush rider under all conditions through a fixed minimum bleed and a multiple flow-rates cavities. As such a combination of comfortable low speed damping and sporty high speed damping rates are achieved.
  • Shock absorbers are serviceable, seals are replaceable, and may be refilled with gas. All spare parts are also available.
  • Precision height adjustment; each turn of the shock height adjusting nut is 1.25mm.
  • Premium chrome silizium 60mm race springs give precision and predictable handling.
  • Each suspension kit is always accurately set-up and tested on an actual test car under all road conditions before production designs and settings are finalised.

Canister Shocks' Features

Hotbits Suspension and ShocksThe extra Canister of the Hot Bits Canister Shock allows all the advantages of the mono-tube shock design to be fully achieved and realized without compromise.

The Canister section gives the freedom to design and calculate the optimum gas pressure chamber capacity. This will provide that maximum superior plush mono-tube suspension ride. Gas pressures are more stable and consistent.

Hot Bits Canister Shock has the maximum stroke possible because there are no other components in the main shock tube other than the working piston.

The Hot Bits Canister Shock provides extra-capacity hydraulic oil and gas chambers. These extra capacities enhance the shock’s performance and reliability. All short shock configurations will no longer be a compromise.

Due to superior design of the Hot Bits Canister Shock there is no hydraulic oil flow restriction even during the highest possible piston speeds. (Any restrictions can build up abnormal pressure in long stroke shocks thereby creating oil leaks.)

The Hot Bits Canister Shock is as easy to install as any standard shock replacement. It is a standard bolt-on installation without the problems of locating hoses and remote Canisters.

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Rallysport.ca, Race and Rally EquipmentRallysport.ca is a Calgary, Alberta, Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
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