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Driving Suits - Sparco

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Sparco Racing and Fire SuitsThe 2008 range of Sparco race suits is the result of over 25 years experience in the highest levels of motorsport and represents the pinnacle of design, performance and technology. Whatever your motorsport aspirations, club competitor to World Champion, you can be sure there is a Sparco suit to fit your needs and that your choice of Sparco suit will serve you well in whichever motorsport discipline you choose to compete in.

Suit Sizing chart at the bottom of the page.

Sparco Sprint  Fire Suit, FIA ApprovedSPARCO Sprint 6

Designed using the experience gained in developing Sparco's top level race suits, this suit uses an improved material and many of the features not seen elsewhere at this price. Features include floating sleeves at the rear and vertical box quilting and is made with a very hard wearing Nomex outer layer.

FIA Approved

Sizes: 48-66 continental

Colours: Red, blue, black, grey or white.

$695.00.00 2-Layer

Sparco Sprint 6 Fire Suit, FIA ApprovedSparco Sprint 6 - 2 Color

This new design, based on the sprint 6 features unique colour combinations to coordinate with sponsor colour ways to help you stand out in the crowd. Features fully floating sleeves and vertical box quilting to ensure greater levels of driver comfort in the car.

FIA Approved, in sizes 48-66 continental. Available in colours of red/white, blue/white, black/grey

$795.00 2-Layer

Sparco Sparco Race SuitSparco - Sparco - 3 Layer

This classically styled suit features an all new, very high quality, satin Nomex outer layer with dual Nomex internal layers. It features full box quilting to ensure uniform distribution of the layers, maximising driver comfort by avoiding material bunching and pressure points on the body. This suit is available in a distinctive range of new colours.

FIA approved

Sizes: 46-66 continental (custom made also available)

Available in 7 classic colors!

Colours: Light blue, yellow, black, red, white, blue or orange

$1195.00 3-Layer

Sparco Sponsor 8 Driving Suit, FIA ApprovedSPARCO Sponsor 8

Designed to allow Sponsor logos, badges or embroidery to be added, this matt sheen suit loos great and when personalised makes sure youll get noticed. The 330g/m2 satin light fabric used on the outer layer of the suit gives a hard wearing finish and is 25% lighter than the fabric it replaces.

Features include :

Nomex panel at base of spine for increased mobility.
Soft knit Nomex collar for increased comfort.
High quality satin light exterior Nomex layer.
Fully floating sleeves.
FIA Approved

Sizes : 48-66 continental (custom made also available by email or phone)

Colours : Blue/white, red/white or black/white.


Sparco Profy Race SuitSparco Profy Race Suit

New for 2009

This brand new design 3 layer suit, combines technical features, premium quality high sheen or satin fabric and Italian design flair. A breathable, moisture and heat wicking inner layer ensures driver comfort in combination with fully floating sleeves and a double Nomex layer knitted collar. Double detail stitching and shiny Nomex (grey/red, grey/black, grey/blue) or satin Nomex (navy blue/grey) outer layers with traditional style epaulettes.

FIA Approved.

Sizes: 48-66 continental (custom made also available, Please call for details).

Colours: Grey/red, grey/blue, grey/black or navy blue/ grey.

$1395.00 3-Layer

Sparco Tech Light Driving Suit, FIA ApprovedSPARCO Tech Light

As used by many of the Worlds best professional drivers and teams, including a large number of Formula 1, this ultra light 3 layer suit represents over 30 years experience in racewear design and production. Complying with the latest FIA rules and made from the highest quality, shiny Nomex materials.

The suit has many features designed to improve comfort and performance:

  • Fully floating sleeves with Nomex bellows for ease of movement.
  • Soft knit inner collar for driver comfort.
  • Nomex stretch panel at base of spine for increased mobility.
  • Forward relocated side seams for increased comfort.
  • Concealed pockets prevent snagging when leaving the car.
  • FIA Approved

Sizes: 48-66 continental (custom made also available, please call for details).

Shiny grey, white, grey, blue, black, yellow or red.

$1595.00 Tech Light
$1695.00 Tech Light 2 Colour

Sparco X-Light Driving Suit, FIA ApprovedSPARCO X-Light HC

Features an ATT or Air Textile thread inner layer which is up to 20% more flame resistant then Nomex and allows up to 25% more transpiration. An increase useful additional feature is the inclusion of the new X-Cool chemical treatment. This treatment draws heat from th body surface and actually cools the driver down. The ultra high quality shiny outer Nomex layer ensures that the amount of material thickness required is kept to a minimum reducing weight and further increasing driver comfort. A 2 piece design of epaulette is used which removes material in the area on the shoulders where a HANS® device would locate. This avoids pressure being applied when harnesses are tightened onto the device.

Other driver focused features include:

Fully floating sleeves with breathable Nomex bellows for ease of movement.
Soft knit inner collar for increased comfort.
Nomex stretch panel at base of spine for increased mobility.
Repositioned seams for increased driver comfort.
Concealed pockets.
Unique colour scheme options.
High quality, high sheen exterior Nomex layer.
FIA Approved

Sizes: 48-66 (Custom made also available)

Colour: Black/grey, Blue/grey,Grey/grey, Red/white, White/red, White/Blue or light grey/grey.

$2195.00 X-Light HC
$2195.00 X-Light HC 2 Color

Sparco F1 ADV Race SuitSparco F1 ADV

Using the lightest materials currently available this top of the Sparco range race suit is made from 3 ultra high quality layers of Nomex weighing just 240 gramme/m². The innovative thread design enhances appearance and comfort in the car. A moisture wicking body cooling innermost layer takes moisture away from the skin to further improve comfort in longer events or hot environments. The anatomic cut features HANS® device friendly shoulder and eqaulette areas and a soft knit collar further improving comfort in the car.

FIA Approved.

Sizes: 48-66 continental (custom made also available please call)

Colour: Black or Grey.

$2495.00 X-Light HC

SPARX Speed 3 Race Suit

Single layer Proban racesuit combines professional looks with comfort and fit. Features contrasting box quilting, pleated back-elasticated waist, flame resistant cuffing to ankles and wrist and featuring three way colour combination with box quilting and contrast trim.

Complies with EN533 (BS6249).
Sizes: 36" to 50" (48 to 62 continental).
Colours: Blue/yellow, red/white, blue/white, black/red or navy/yellow.

SPARX Trophy Race Suit

Single layer Proban racesuit combines professional looks with comfort and fit. Features contrasting box quilting, pleated back-elasticated waist and flame resistant cuffing to ankles and wrist.

Complies with EN533 (BS6249).
Sizes: 36" to 50" (48 to 62 continental).
Colours: Royal/white, red/white, black/red or navy/red.

Suit Sizing

Sizes listed are for body measurements, not of the suit. If height and weight do not correspond, then choose the size corresponding to your height. Childrens suit sizes are sized according to height. The sizes refer to the maximum height of the child in cms from head to toe.

Suit Size
Chest (cm) 89/92 93/96 97/100 101/104 105/108
Chest (ins) 35/36 37/38 38/39 40/41 41/43
Waist (cm) 77/80 81/84 85/88 89/92 93/96
Hips (cm) 89/92 93/96 97/100 101/104 105/108
Height (cm) 167/169 170/172 173/175 176/178 179/181
Weight (kgs) 54/60 60/66 66/72 72/78 78/84
Suit Size
Chest (cm) 109/112 113/116 117/120 121/124 125/128
Chest (ins) 43/44 44/46 46/47 48/49 49/50
Waist (cm) 97/100 101/104 105/108 109/112 113/116
Hips (cm) 109/112 113/116 117/120 121/124 125/128
Height (cm) 182/184 185/187 188/190 191/193 194/196
Weight (kgs) 84/90 90/96 96/102 103/108 109/115
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