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CG-Lock - Seat Belt Locking Device

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Unfortunately at this time we have no CG-Locks available.

Last we heard is that the manufacturer has closed down and they are not being made. Hopefully another similar product becomes available.


Hold Your Street Car's Lap Belt ....
Racing Harness TightCG Lock

  • Lower your lap or run times
  • Turn your factory seatbelt into a performance driving advantage.
  • Attaches to a standard factory installed 3-point seatbelt in one minute with no holes. It is removable.

Installation Video

Promotional Video

The CG-Lock is not a safety device and is not intended to encourage or compensate for reckless, illegal or inappropriate driving. Read all safety information before using


The CG-Lock gives you about 80% of the holding power of a full race harness.

The CG-Lock (the "CG" stands for "Center of Gravity") prevents you from sliding in your seat. The CG-Lock lets you keep your feet and hands light on the pedals and wheel resulting in better control, faster reactions, and less fatigue. Becoming "one with the vehicle" helps you feel the road and the car's "balance", enhancing your driving abilities.

Why do people use a harness?
You don't need to "hang on" when driving can keep your feet light on the pedals and your hands light on the wheel for better driving control, faster reactions, and less fatigue.

You are "one with the vehicle" can sense the vehicle movement better, react sooner, and "feel" your way through the tricky spots more easily.
Your safety is increased.

Unfortunately, most of us do our competition in our daily drivers with standard three-point automotive seat belts, not racing harnesses. Once the CG-Lock is installed, you pull up on the shoulder harness of your seatblet, and the lap belt portion gets "racing harness tight" and stays as tight as you want until you release it!
Simple, But what a difference it makes.

"The only cheaper way to increase performance is to shed weight"

Improves the performance of the DRIVER, not the car!

Your hips are your body's center of gravity. Tightly help hips provide the first two of the three benefits of a full harness as described above. As for the 3rd benefit-increased safety- the CG-Lock is not sold as a safety device, but it has been designed and fully tested to not interfere with a seat belt's safety

Quote from Tuner Transformations -

"Yes, this little wonder product, referred to as a ‘driver stability’ device works like you can’t believe. It is one of the best bangs for the bucks out there that you can buy. You want to improve the performance of your car – start with your own driving performance. Enthusiasts everywhere are using the CG-Lock to help improve their car control skills by keeping them firmly planted in their seat. It installs in mere minutes and will help reduce your autocross & Solo1 times and improve your drifting ability 10-fold."

I won the Canadian CAC Nationals Championship in CSS using the CG-Lock! I am also including a shot that shows some of the CG-Lock... Note that I use a race seat with harness provisions, have a roll-bar WITH harness bar... can use a harness if I want to by the rules... and I indeed HAVE a 6-pt. camlock harness... but choose to use a CG-Lock instead. Thanks,
-Jay Watson


CASC-OR Bulletin No. bs2 2004-01:

The CG-Lock Occupant Stability Equipment are allowed as long as the CG-Lock is installed according to the manufacturer's supplied instructions, the CG-Lock has no effect on the original factory upper body restraint and will be compliant with Sections 3.2.C and 4.10.L of the 2004 CASC-OR Solo 2 Rule book. This includes convertibles without roll bars.

- April 30, 2004
- Wes Tanney, Solo Ontario Solo II Director

CG-Lock, Race and Rally Equipment | Alberta is a Calgary, Albert, Canada based source of performance parts and safety equipment for race and rally teams. Focusing on legal racing activities whether that is drag racing, sports car racing, stock cars, sprint cars, drifting, off road 4x4 and street/show cars, we can provide the equipment needed as teams and drivers try to improve the performance of their vehicles to GO RACING and WIN RACES!
To order this product call us at (403) 277-6291 or 1-866-277-6291 or use the contact page for email and web contact.
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