Sweet …. A couple of our customers are featured in the Scion Racing contingency progrm launch video!  Check it out below!

If you plan on competing with a Scion in Canada in 2014, definitely sign up for the contingency program – details on the Scion website.  We can help with any racing gear or performance parts, get in touch!

http://www.scion.ca/racing – Building on the success of the Scion Racing Contingency Program in 2013, Scion Canada is excited to announce the launch of the 2014 program with a newly enhanced payout structure.

In a significant change, payouts will now be awarded for not only performing well, but also for the level of participation.

Through the Scion Racing Contingency Program, Scion owners can pursue their passion of motorsports by competing in a series of sanctioned closed course events like autoslalom, time attack, racing series and drifting.

The program enables Scion owners to showcase their vehicles and driving skills in a safe, regulated environment.

In 2013, thirteen participants from across Canada received payouts from the program with four reaching the maximum of $4,000.

This year, drivers can claim up to five first-place finishes where they can earn between $100 and $800, depending on the series. For participation, payouts range from $40 to $350 per race. Drivers can claim participation payments for up to five races.

For more information on the Scion Racing Contingency Program, including how to enter and which races are eligible, visithttp://www.scion.ca/racing.