Introducing (again) the ALFA Rally Computers!

The Alfa Elite has long been the premier TSD Rally Computer, used by many top teams to win many events!  The feature list is huge and recently upgraded both mechanically and the electronics.

ALFA Elite Rally Computer

ALFA Elite Rally Computer – Number 1 TSD Computer

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The ALFA-Elite sets the standard for rally computers, with more features for less money. Our customers prove it regularly by winning rallies!

All ALFA-Elite computers feature the latest state-of-the-art OLED back lit display which is easily read in all lighting conditions and viewing angles.

A non-volatile memory remembers your factors, mileage’s, log entry, and customized setup even when the ALFA is removed from the car for extended periods.

The ALFA-Elite has dual odometer sensor inputs, with individual factors, to insure safety. Also, the computer will operate either with or without its drivers display attached.

The ALFA-Elite operates in Miles or Kilometers, and displays distance in increments of .01 or .001. Time may be displayed and computed in your
choice of seconds, hundredths, or thousandths of a minute.

One of the cool new features for 2012 is the driver’s display which may be
disconnected from the computer at any time while both continue to run.
The main unit will continue to rally, while the driver’s display becomes
a checkpoint clock with memories. While separated, the driver’s display
may be synchronized with the main time clock for the rally, and then
when reconnected to the main unit that will synchronize as well. This
is an industry first and gives you 2 tools for the price of one!

New for 2012:

  • Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
  • (Old style LCD display still available as an option)
  • Front panel light for easier night operation
  • All connections via standard round DIN connectors
  • Driver’s display operates independantly as a checkpoint clock
  • Syncs to the ALFA-Club and ALFA-Checkpoint
  • “Open Road Racing” mode. (ie: Silver State Classic, etc.)

Special Driver features:

  • Low Profile Driver’s display
  • Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
  • “NULL METER” analog style readout
  • High precision digital timing error readout
  • CAS display
  • Factor corrected speedometer
  • Incremental, Course, and Countdown odometer
  • Drivers button to reset incremental mileage
  • 5.5″ x 2.3″ x 1.5″

Navigator features:

  • OLED display technology
  • User friendly, guess free entry
  • On the fly” timing and course corrections
  • Instant CAS error leg recalculation
  • Time and Distance in Hundredths, Thousandths, or Seconds
  • Dual odometer inputs with separate correction factors
  • Automatic factor calculation
  • SIX DIGIT odometer correction factor
  • Countdown alarm with audible beeper
  • Automatic event logging and last HOLD recall
  • Logs all CAS changes and timing corrections
  • Compact and light – 7.7″ x 5.1″ x 2.0″, ~1 lb.
  • Aircraft aluminum enclosure with baked enamel finish, Hard mounting points, and integral sunshade.

Price includes Navigator’s console, Driver’s display,
Wiring harness and one Sending unit.

$995.00 CDN