Let’s make this a weekly update on what’s happening in the motorsports world.  I’ll hilite events I know where are customers are participating – if you’re racing, let us know and we’ll watch for updates!

This week – January 27-30

(Follow the links for more information on the events)

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club (NASCC) has a 2-day Ice Racing weekend at Rob’s lake just west of Edmonton. Marshals always welcome!

NASCC Ice Racing at Rob's lake!

Lethbridge Sports Car Club (LSCC) has a Rallycross on Sunday the 29th.

Southern Alberta Solo Club (SASC) is doing a series of Winter and Ice Driving Schools on Ghost Lake, west of Cochrane.

and the Sno*Drift Rally, first event in the Rally America Championship, in Michigan has a number of Rallysport.ca customers participating. Follow the event on Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/search/%23usrally

Good Luck to all that are participating!  Rallysport.ca customers have the most FUN! 🙂

From Jeff Taylor : Calgary area racers Ron Eckhart, Orin Harker maybe Bruce Jones, and myself will be racing in the Radical West Race series at Spring Mountain Nevada this weekend. Also Keith Gosselin (sp?) from Kelowna. 30 cars expected.

Awesome guys – Have fun and Go Fast!